Terms and Conditions

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In order to use this site, you must read and understand English.

You must read and understand English, because we only provide our Terms and Conditions in English language.

This is one of our ways to keep expenses as low as possible and make sure there is notnig lost in translation.

So we encourage people who do not fully understand English, to either ask someone to translate these Terms and Condition for you, or else we encourage you to reject our Terms and Conditions and find another dating platform to use.

This may feel unfair if you dont speak and understand English. We are sorry , but that is what we currently can offer our users.

We work with translaters who translate our website to various languages. They work as unpaid volountars, and we do not have the budget (or wish) to make the Terms and Conditions available in multi languages.

We expect our users (you) to be a mature and responsible people, who can think for themselves.

Here is our current Terms and Conditions, in English:

Terms and Conditions

We are working on this document.....
Please be patient...

These Terms and Conditions are only available in English - you agree that you, or your representative, read and understand English.

There are no third part tracking on this website.
We do not exchange information with any of the usual analytic services like Google Analytics or Google Adsense. Most website owners exchange user information with services like Google Analytics, because they want to have insights about they users. We respect your privacy and do not like the surveillance going on everywhere, so we do NOT exchange these information with these Big Data harvesters through their so called free services. There is currently not implemented any analytics system.

We use cookies to keep track on your language choice and your login, so we can identify your user profile in the database.

We CAN read the database information attached to your profile, but we DO not read private messages. We consider your private chat messages as "private letters" and we would never, ever read them. But we encourage our users to send messages encrypted through secure infrastructure, if you want to make sure, that no one ever reads it. You can delete your chat messages from our main database in two ways: delete the message directly or delete your user profile.

Our database (the place we store information you entered and log information about your behavior) is hosted and backed up by our supplier. Therefore our supplier, and maybe our developer, might have older backups of the database. So when we claim, that we deleted your information, that does NOT a guarantee that your data is totally deleted everywhere we stored data. This is normal - but normally they do not tell you that fact, that they often (almost always) have backups where your data is still stored. We can not find any hosting supplier, who offers total deletion on data including in backup data. For you this means that if you delete your profile, in reality it is deleted in our main database, but NOT deleted in the older backup files, stored by our hosting supplier and in some cases stored by our developer(s). In a way it is technically impossible or very very difficult to delete all data about a user profile, and we just want to be honest and tell you that we can not guarantee total deletion when you delete your profile. But we do our best to respect your privacy!

You can easily delete your profile and your data and historical information about your profile.

We do save information about your "behavior" (in our database) i.e. when you are signed in:
- which profiles you have seen
- which profiles you have liked, requested friend, disliked etc.
- chat messages you sent and received

Translation errors
We work with volunteers who translate the website text strings for us. There might be misunderstandings or errors in these translations. We can not be held responsible if this leads to any misunderstandings, damage or lost. Please contact us, if you think there are translation issues or errors, and we will take care of it or replace it with English text.

This website is a privately owned website. Made for the purpose of helping a minority to find each other.

We match our users on the criteria/information saved in a database, based on information entered by users through our forms.

We don not care which color or race or political opinions you are.
We do not care what your forefathers did or did not do.
Our pictures and symbols do not reflect our opinions.

You should:
- always be truthful and honest
- always be kind
- respect differences in opinions and life choices

We do not sensor users, but we allow our users to block profiles.

If a user profile is blocked by many people, then we might block them from our platform.

Max amount of friend requests.

When was user online.
We provide information about when users was online.

Statistics about user profiles.
On the profile page we provide some statistic about the profile. We try to balance these information, and the intention with this is to provide some transparency to protect our users from spammers and fake profiles and people with bad intentions.

Report users.
You can report users from the profile page.